Hidden Bay


  • 31.9km2 – Prospective for unconformity and basement-hosted uranium deposits, with uranium mineralisation reported in historic drilling.
  • Located on the eastern edge of the Athabasca Basin at the sub-Athabasca unconformity. Western part of property has Athabasca Group sandstone cover and eastern portion is underlain by metamorphic basement rocks of the Wollaston Domain
  • Also, located around 20km and 30km southeast of Rabbit Lake Uranium Mine and Eagle Point Uranium Mine respectively
  • Rabbit Lake Uranium Mine was the longest operating uranium mine in North America, producing more than 203 Mlbs of U3O8 over 41 years. (www.cameco.com/businesses/uranium-operations/suspended/rabbit-lake)
  • Hidden Bay area shares many geological similarities with the Rabbit Lake/Eagle Point area
  • Six priority targets identified from airborne gravity survey completed in June 2022 and historical data review. All targets are proximal to structural features and five of the targets are close to the regional Athabasca unconformity, that is identified as a primary control on uranium mineralisation.
  • Follow-up of targets underway with radon surveys and geological mapping in September Quarter 2022
  • Drilling planned upon completion of radon surveys.